Coalition for Jerusalem

The Coalition for Jerusalem is a league of religious dignitaries, political factions, civil society organizations, and individuals based in Occupied East Jerusalem. It is a non violent, direct action group formed in 2004 to oppose Israeli Government arbitrary measures to alter the Status of East Jerusalem in violation of International Legitimacy and Human Rights Conventions, and to reaffirm that East Jerusalem is the Capital of the future Palestinian State.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Palestinian Legislative Council Elections 2006

The Palestinian-Israeli negotiations and agreements since 1993 postponed dealing with the post 1967 status of Occupied East Jerusalem (“OEJ”), on conditions that the Status quo in Jerusalem be respected.

The Oslo Interim Agreements signed in 1993 included a special article on the modalities of elections and ignored the right of self determination of the Palestinians living in OEJ as it limited the number of voters and stipulated that elections be carried out via absentee ballots. More specifically, the Agreement allows for 5% of eligible voters to participate in the elections and prevents voters from casting their votes in secret ballot and substitutes it with an absentee ballot.

The Coalition is currently actively involved in lobbying with the Palestinian National Authority and the international community to rectify this injustice.

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