Coalition for Jerusalem

The Coalition for Jerusalem is a league of religious dignitaries, political factions, civil society organizations, and individuals based in Occupied East Jerusalem. It is a non violent, direct action group formed in 2004 to oppose Israeli Government arbitrary measures to alter the Status of East Jerusalem in violation of International Legitimacy and Human Rights Conventions, and to reaffirm that East Jerusalem is the Capital of the future Palestinian State.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Israeli Town Planning Scheme / Master Plan 2000 (TPS 2000)

A newly released Town Planning Scheme (TPS 2000) for the City of Jerusalem was disclosed on September 13, 2004 by the Israeli Mayor in Jerusalem, which includes boundaries of Occupied East Jerusalem whose status remains a contentious international issue which Israel should not be permitted to deal with unilaterally.

The Coalition prepared an Action Alert which includes facts and figures about how the Israeli Government and Municipality uses town planning schemes as a political tool to expropriate Palestinian land in East Jerusalem in order to increase the number of Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem and considerably reduce the number of Palestinians.

For full details please see Master Plan 2000 Action Alert

For CD distribution of the Action Alert please contact the coalition.